Not only won’t you see Toyota’s latest SUV in showrooms, if you don’t look quickly enough you may not see it at all.

The DragQuoia is the brainchild of NHRA racer Antron Brown. Created for the Toyota Racing Dream Built Challenge, a charity event held in conjunction with the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) convention, it may be the first family car truly fit for a Top Fuel points leader.

The modified Sequoia SUV is powered by supercharged V8 with nitrous oxide and side exhausts that sends 650 hp through massive 21.5-inch wide street tires, which Toyota says makes it good for a quarter-mile run in the nine to 10 second range thanks to a curb weight that's 1,600 pounds less than the production truck.

In keeping with the family theme, five Mastercraft safety seats with five-point harnesses have been installed, including a child size version on the rear hump, although you’ll probably want to make sure that it’s empty before you stage.

No word if it will ever actually hit the track, but it is in competition with other custom Toyotas from NASCAR stars Kyle Busch and Clint Boyer as well as off-road racer Alexis DeJoria on Toyota’s Facebook page, where fans can vote for their favorite and send the winner’s charity $50,000.

All four of the cars will be on display at SEMA starting Oct. 30th, which opens in Las Vegas on Oct. 30th, not far from the drag strip at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Family outing, anyone?

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