Toyota designs a stand-up car

Hang ten, dude!

On the highway?

Toyota is unveiling a vehicle at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show that is driven while standing up.

Like a Segway on steroids, the FV2 was designed to be controlled by body motions. There isn’t a steering wheel or handlebars, the driver just shifts his or her weight to change direction or speed.

While it also doesn’t have seatbelts, the FV2 is envisioned to be tapped into an intelligent transport system that will allow it to monitor other vehicles in the vicinity and alter its driver to any potential hazards and autonomously take evasive action.

It can also read minds, or at least moods, and adjust itself accordingly while suggesting potential destinations. When it gets where it’s going, the windshield folds down to secure the vehicle as it enters sleep mode.

No, it won’t be replacing the Camry anytime soon, but…well, there is no but. It’s just wild.