"Toilet bike" runs on very alternative fuel

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Japanese plumbing products giant Toto has built a three-wheel motorcycle that runs on human waste and features a high-tech toilet for a seat. But it’s not as gross as it sounds.

The Toilet Bike Neo is powered by a 250 cc motorcycle engine that’s been converted to run on biogas – methane commercially produced from household wastewater, animal feces and other forms of decaying organic matter - not directly by the low-flow commode that the rider sits on.

Two compressed gas canisters containing the fuel are stacked in the back below an oversized roll of toilet paper and above a set of six horns that play “The Song of the Toto toilet.”

We can only imagine what that sounds like.

A miniature version of the toilet nestled between the handlebars communicates with the rider and “speaks when it feels like it,” according to Toto.

We don’t even want to imagine what that sounds like.

The unique vehicle was used on a 1000 km tour of Japan to promote the company’s efforts to reduce the CO2 emissions of its products, if not its customers.