This guy’s 1966 Volvo has over 3 million miles — and isn’t slowing down

A Long Islander’s revered red Volvo — known for having racked up more than 3 million miles — is still hitting the pavement in mint condition.

Irvin Gordon says he has cranked out another 273,895 miles in his 1966 P1800 convertible since he hit the triple-million mark in September 2013 — with no signs of stopping.

“It’s better than new,” the 75-year-old retired teacher told The Post. “Everything is 100 percent. It has never broken down and it always starts right up no matter how hot or cold it is outside.”

Gordon has given his baby 28 oil changes, four tuneups and changed the transmission fluid four times in the last year.

At first, people have a hard time believing that Gordon has tallied as many miles as it would take to go around the Earth 126 times.

“Everybody says, ‘It’s not possible,’ but not everybody has the same work ethic as me,” he said.

“The biggest secret is as simple as reading the owner’s manual. Most people just tuck it under the kitchen sink or in the glove compartment and never look at it. You gotta make the effort.

When it’s time for the oil change you do it — not just talk about it,” Gordon said.

Since the East Patchogue resident plunked down $4,000 to buy the two-door beauty in 1966, the car has gotten a total of 885 oil changes and gone through 124 bottles of transmission fluid.

Jordan Weine, a Volvo expert and owner of the Brooklyn auto shop Bay Diagnostic, said Gordon’s diligence is “a testament” to regular upkeep.

“The story of Irv is a fantastic example of what is possible when you take meticulous care of your vehicle,” said Scott Doering, vice president of Volvo Car USA.

Also important to maintaining a showpiece like Gordon’s, other than oil changes every 3,500 miles, is to use a little elbow grease.

“Besides just following the manual, it’s important to keep it clean. Not just the inside — get underneath. If you leave all that sand and dirt laying around it’s going to corrode,” said Gordon.

Another tip: use it or lose it.

Over the years, Gordon and his ride — who made the 1998 Guinness Book of World Records for High Mileage Vehicle at only 1.69 million miles — have cruised through all 50 states multiple times.

This past year, he hit San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Ontario, Canada, car shows.

“Nobody likes to travel like I do,” said Gordon, who prefers to drive solo. “That way I don’t have to put up with anybody’s nonsense.”

Gordon can’t imagine parting with the 50-year-old vehicle, but admits he tried to make a deal once.

“I offered it to Volvo for $1 a mile,” said the car buff, laughing. “Obviously, they didn’t take me up on it.”

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