The Mammuth Rewarron: A remote control car on 1/3 scale steroids

The Mammuth Works Rewarron is man-sized remote control car. It’s one-third the size of a real auto, a world first according to the manufacturer, measuring nearly six-and-a-half feet long, and weighing in at roughly 175 pounds. And under optimal conditions, it can reach a top speed of roughly 45 mph.

The Rewarron can be powered by either a 200cc, 250cc or 350cc 4-stroke engine. The truck also features disc brakes, ABS, and traction control. The low spec version comes in at $5500, but the top-of-the-line “Competition” trim is an unbelievable $15,000.


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An optional touch-screen control system dubbed “Mammuth SuperVision” is also available, giving the user fine control over telemetry data, brake balance and more.

The SuperVision system is also cloud-integrated, allowing telemetry information to be monitored off-site if an internet connection is available.