The Chevrolet that just won't die

This zombie thing is getting out of control.

Even though it’s set to be replaced by an all-new car in the coming weeks, the current Chevrolet Impala, which is the last car available with a front bench seat, will live on after its retail death as a fleet-only product.

According to Automotive News, the vehicle, which essentially has been on the road since the year 2000, will be called the Impala Limited and produced at least through the middle of next year.

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Familiar to car rental outlet regulars, the over the hill Impala remains a big seller for GM, with nearly 170,000 of them moved last year, but since 75 percent of those were delivered to fleets, Chevy is definitely due for some new full-size sedan blood to bring customers into showrooms.

Automakers prefer retail sales of their vehicles, as a heavy fleet presence lowers the resale value of the cars and is typically a drag on their image.

Chevy currently offers its Captiva crossover as a fleet-only vehicle so it doesn’t have to draw volume from its popular Equinox to meet demand.

The 2014 Impala (unlimited?) is set to hit showrooms in mid April.