The baddest bus on the planet

Your children will never have another snow day if their school gets one of these.

Germany’s Paul Nutzfahrzeuge (Deutsch for “commercial vehicles”) has created what has to be the baddest bus on the planet.

The 30-passenger vehicle is built on the platform of a 6x6 version of Mercedes-Benz’s go anywhere Unimog, a truck so tough Arnold Schwarzenegger uses one to cruise around Los Angeles.

With three locking differentials, a 50-degree approach angle, 18 inches of ground clearance, an 8-speed transmission with 6 reverse gears and a turbodiesel engine that delivers 597 lb-ft of torque, there are very few places this people carrier can’t carry people to.

Mount Everest might present a challenge, at least in the monsoon season.

Unfortunately for Rocky Mountain moms, despite the promotional vehicle being painted a familiar shade of yellow, it was designed to haul workers to and from mines and similarly rugged workplaces, not kids to kindergarten.


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