Tesla employee spotted slumped over in moving Model S

A Tesla employee who appears to be either sleeping or unconcious behind the wheel of a moving Model S was caught on camera as the car drove itself down a road near the company's Fremont, Calif., factory.

Teslas can be equipped with an Autopilot feature that offers semi-autonomous driving capabililties, but requires drivers to periodically touch the wheel to confirm that they are paying attention.

Music producer Zedd recently described on Twitter what happens if you don't, when he wrote about a time that he fell asleep in his Tesla and it started beeping and turning off the music to wake him up.

The short clip was posted to YouTube by Tesla owner Mike Cagulada, who said that it was filmed by a friend on or about June 4. It is not known how long the driver was in the condition seen on the video, or if the person operating the camera made any attempt to alert them.

The car is marked as one from Tesla's Mobile Service unit, which sends technicians into the field to work on cars so that owners don't have to bring them in to have minor repair work done.

A Tesla spokesperson issued a statement to CNET saying, "We take safety very seriously and are investigating this incident."

The video was uploaded to YouTube on the same day that a preliminary NTSB report said that a Tesla with Autopilot engaged sped up and veered into a highway barrier, fatally injuring the driver, Walter Huang, earlier this year.