Is it time for a party?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that tailgate thefts dropped 6 percent last year, the first time they’ve gone down since the organization started tracking them in 2010.

The figure is based on insurance claims, which numbered 1,787 in 2015, compared to 1,895 the previous year. It’s likely that many more thefts went unreported.

Nevertheless, with the growing number of camera-equipped tailgates, replacement parts can now cost as much as $3,000, according to the NCIB. This leads many truck owners to tap their insurance policies to pay for them.

Texas, California and Florida led the way with the most thefts per state, with Houston, Dallas and San Antonio tops among cities. The results hew to the Lone Star State’s position as the top state for pickup sales. Sales -- and thefts -- in Houston and Dallas alone would put each of those cities among the top 10 states.

NCIB doesn’t offer any explanation for the decline, but does make some common sense suggestions for preventing future thefts. Among them are the use of aftermarket locking devices, parking inside, or backing up against a wall when possible, which makes it more difficult to open and remove a tailgate.