Stunt driver nails double loop-the-loop

Keep in mind, if you want to break this record two and a half loops probably won’t do it.

A stunt driver has completed the first double loop in a car.

The feat took place over the weekend at a Top Gear Live event in Durban, South Africa, a travelling version of the popular British television automotive program hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

The driver used a specially-designed buggy fitted with a hand-throttle to provide better control under the high-g loads experienced during the loops. According to the show, the vehicle had to negotiate the loops precisely between 24 and 26 mph. To slow and it would’ve fallen, too fast and the driver could’ve blacked out.

The record comes on the heels of one for the largest loop in a car set earlier this year in China, where a driver successfully made it around a 42-foot diameter loop.

So, the next person to get their name in the books for this sort of thing will either need to go big, go three, or go home.