Stolen car chase ends with phony kidnapping claim

A stolen car sighting in the middle of the night on Oct 19 turned into a very wild ride for Oklahoma City police.

After spotting the Chrysler 200, which had been reported missing a few weeks earlier, a patrol officer called for backup and then tried to pull it over, but the driver sped away onto the interstate.

Fox 25 reports that the chase reached speeds over 100 mph, and when a spike strip was placed in the road ahead the Chrysler swerved toward the officer waiting to pull it out of the way after the car passed by. Two police cars then drove over the strip and suffered flat tires while other vehicles picked up the pursuit.

The chase finally ended after about 20 miles and the four occupants of the car were arrested.

The three passengers then claimed that they were victims of a kidnapping, before investigators were able to tie them to the driver, Joshua McMillan, who was charged with assaulting a police officer, eluding capture and unauthorized operation of a vehicle.

Police determined that one of them, Jennifer Elliott, was McMillan’s girlfriend, while the other two, Paige Hayes and Ladra Morton, were his acquaintances. Elliott was booked on a drug charge, while Morton is facing domestic abuse charges and Morton was placed in custody due to outstanding warrants.