Sony unveils wild Red Bull racer for Gran Turismo 6

It’d be the fastest road racing car in the world, if only it were real.

But even though it isn’t, you’ll soon you’ll have the opportunity to drive it for just $59.95.

The Red Bull X2014 is the latest fantastical creation from world championship winning Formula One race car designer Adrian Newey. Designed for Playstation’s upcoming Gran Turismo 6 driving simulator, it is the kind of car Newey would build if there were no rules and no limit to the amount of money he could spend.

Specifications for the virtual racer have not yet been revealed, but Newey’s previous efforts for Gran Turismo 5, the X2010 and X2011, each featured engines with over 1,400 hp, top speeds in excess of 300 mph and the ability to generate a fighter plane-like 8 Gs in the corners, thanks in part to a fan blowing air out of the bottom of the car to generate suction.

On the 13-mile Nurburgring racing circuit, one of the tracks featured in the game and a benchmark for supercar performance, the X2011 has clocked a lap of 3:11, three minutes quicker than the real world record of 6:11 set by a professional driver in a Porsche 962 prototype race car.

Gran Turismo 6 goes on sale December 6th. For more about the game check out our interview with GT6 creator and Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi.