Sin City’s fast lane

Driving faster than 100 miles-per-hour may be illegal on the Las Vegas strip, but if you travel 30 minutes north to the Las Vegas Speedway, it’s open game.

And here’s the kicker---you can tap into your inner speed demon with a one-of-a-kind Ferrari.

"People say…customers say…that there's nothing similar around," says Enrico Bertaggia, co-CEO of Las Vegas-based Dream Racing. The company allows individuals to get behind the wheel of a 500 horsepower Ferrari F430 GT.

The aerodynamic car roars around the race track and can hit speeds of up to 200 miles-per-hour.

"The sound of the car is really nice," says Bertaggia.

No track experience is necessary. When customers arrive, they’re taken through a brief classroom tutorial of how to operate the car. From there, they test out their skills on a simulator with the help of an instructor.

After that, they're provided with a racing suit before hitting the circuit. An instructor rides alongside to tell the driver when to shift, which is manually done by clicking on the paddles located behind the steering wheel.

Before you know it, you’re racing around the speedway like a professional race car driver. Well, that might be a stretch. But at least you can pretend for a day.

"You know you get addicted to this car,” says Bertaggia. “It's so nice, for one day, to be in a dream."

Dream Racing offers driving packages ranging from around $200 to $2000, so no matter how bad you need it, it can deliver.