Secret Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 prototype caught on video crashing on Nurburgring race track

Chevy is pushing its next high performance Camaro to the limit…and beyond.

What’s purported to be a prototype for the next track-focused Camaro Z/28 was caught on video crashing into the guardrail at Germany’s Nurburgring racing circuit.

The camouflaged car can be seen overcooking a left hand turn, locking up all four wheels, and slamming into the Armco on the passenger side, lifting up on two tires as it does. It’s then quickly driven off the track, where its occupants get out, apparently unharmed. Shortly afterward, the car is covered and carted away.

General Motors wouldn’t comment specifically on the incident, but told Autoblog that "safety is our overriding priority."

The car appears to share some bodywork, including its enormous grille and rocker panels, with the upcoming Camaro ZL1, but has some additional aerodynamic elements up front and a much higher and larger wing on the trunk. Its engine is unknown, but the sound on the video suggests it’s a V8, despite some speculation that the Z/28 will feature a twin-turbocharged V6 this time around.

When will we know for sure? Likely not long before the Detroit Auto Show in January where it is expected to make its official debut, with the car hitting showrooms later in 2017.


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