Rolls-Royce Wraith is an otherworldly grand touring car

This is how Rolls-Royce does a sports car.

The Wraith fastback coupe is the luxury automaker’s most powerful vehicle ever.

With a 624 hp V12 under the hood, the Ghost-based, three-ton behemoth can spirit to 60 mph in a phantasmagoric 4.4 seconds.

It communicates with the great beyond via satellite-linked transmission that can automatically select gears in anticipation of the road ahead.

Many Rolls-Royce Phantom-grade cows laid down their lives to upholster the cabin (and also provide beef for food - waste not, want not, after all,) which also features a disembodied, voice-activated “on board valet” to perform many of the car’s electronic functions.

And then there are those suicide doors, which gentlemen refer to as “coach” doors because you wouldn’t want to associate a car like the Ghost with death, now would you?

The starting price is $320,000, which may sound like quite a bit for a car, but those who have it can’t take it with them, now can they?