Ram 1500 sedan is a unique Italian take on luxury trucks

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Ram has an all-new pickup on sale this year, but a Ram sedan? At least it rhymes.

Italian boutique car builder Aznom Automotive has turned a Ram 1500 into a luxury SUV with a trunk that it calls the Atalux.



The company, which is linked to a carbon fiber handbag and accessories outfit, stretched the body of the truck halfway into the bedspace to create a limousine-like rear seating area complete with built-in bar, Nespresso machine and X-Box.


The interior has also been soundproofed and fully-trimmed in nubuck leather, Alcantara and high-end wood.


There’s a skylight over the back seats, and what’s left of the bed has been turned into a covered space with a slide out floor for easy access.

It’s something like a Lincoln Blackwood with a supersize passenger compartment, and a price just as large.

The Atalux starts at $260,000, but it’ll be happy to customize it to your specific tastes for as much as you’d like to spend.