Tesla CEO Elon Musk has started calling the company’s upcoming electric pickup the Cybertruck, and it looks like that will be the official name when it is unveiled on Nov. 21.

A member of the Tesla Motors Club online group discovered new trademark applications Tesla recently filed for the word "Cybertruck" and a logo that spells it CYBRTRK.


Besides the lack of vowels, the logo is an abstract design comprised of straight lines, but there may be much more to it than meets the eye.


Musk has described the vehicle as “an armored personnel carrier from the future” and in the style of something from the film “Blade Runner,” but has only released a single teaser image that doesn’t draw the full picture. But the new logo might.


Another fansite called the CYBRTRK Owners Club shuffled the letters around and, sure enough, they can be used to draw stick-outline of a pickup with a sloping windshield and hood that certainly apes the design of an APC.

The Mantis APC was designed by Israeli firm Carmor. (Carmor)

Coincidence or confirmation? We’ll find out next week.