You might want to forget about using the defroster in this truck.

A new Canadian Tire advertisement features a pickup with a body made entirely of ice, and it actually works.

The full-size crystal creation was built on the chassis of a heavy duty 2005 Chevrolet Silverado and constructed from 11,000 pounds of ice.

Conceived by a Canadian ice sculpture outfit called Iceculture, it has all of the visual features of a real crew cab truck rendered in ice, including doors, grille, rearview mirrors and license plates.

Extra cooling systems were added to help keep it from melting as it was driven one mile at a speed of around 12 mph in an effort to create a new world record category for self-propelled ice sculptures.

The stunt was aimed at demonstrating the ability of Canadian Tire’s MotoMaster Eliminator batteries in extremely low temperatures.

When the project ended, the truck was left in a garage to melt, a process that took about 40 hours.