A Queens man is taking matters into his own hands when it comes to law-breaking motorists by slapping their cars with “I park like an A–HOLE” bumper stickers.

Jeff Orlick, 34, of Jackson Heights is so fed up with drivers who illegally park in handicap spaces and block fire hydrants that he started selling the stickers on Etsy last week with the hope that customers will take part in the vigilante act of slapping them on the backs of cars.

“If people park like a–holes, they should know about it,” Orlick said. “You see these things every day that are wrong and people could pass by or take a picture and put it on Instagram or you can do something and make a difference.”

Orlick, a community activist, said that he made the simple, but strongly-messaged stickers last year for himself and since then has slapped them on bumpers of less than 10 cars parked along Jackson Heights Streets.

“I want to be absolutely sure that these guys are a–holes before I put a sticker on their car,” he said, adding that if a driver parks in front of a fire hydrant for more than an hour “they deserve to be reprimanded” and to be “treated like an a–hole.”

The sticker vigilante also said that he is sick of city officials with credentials in their car abusing their power by parking anywhere they’d like.

“People take advantage of their positions,” he said. “I think some traffic officers are afraid to put tickets on some cars just because they have placards in their car.”

He has placed a sticker on at least one car with an NYPD vest in the windshield.

Orlick’s bumper stickers are selling on Etsy under his online alias “Queens Qustodian” at 5 for $10. So far, only an Upper East Side man has bought $10 worth.

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