On the auction block: "Back to the Future II" BMW hover car

The future is here, and the car made it.

You still can’t buy a hover mobile like the one Griff Tannen owned in “Back to the Future II,” but the actual car Griff owned on screen in the year 2015 is up for auction.

The customized BMW featured in the film has been preserved and restored to its two-tone plus primer glory, right down to the Mag-Lev Hover Conversion Systems equipment, giant hood-mounted air intake, and taillight broken by a baseball bat as Griff swung at and missed Marty McFly on his trusty Mattel hover board.

Several of the parts, including the rear deck, were recreated by a movie prop house, as the originals were lost. Under the skin, the 74,000 mile 1976 BMW 633CSi isn’t in quite as good condition, but it does run, and two of its tires survived from filming in 1989.

It’s being offered on iCollector.com, and comes with the molds for the hover conversion parts along with the URL: www.bttfbmw.com, which doesn’t also date back to 1989, but could have since that was the year the World Wide Web was launched.