Off-road skateboard is electrifying thrill ride

It can go from 0-28 mph in 1.9 seconds, and that’s not downhill.

The Gnarboard Trail Rider is a 4x4 electric-powered skateboard designed for off-road thrills.

With a peak output of 16.5 kw, the 86-pound board can travel up to 16 miles per 2-hour charge and has knobby tires, adjustable dampers and foot bindings to help keep you upright when the road gets rough.

Acceleration and braking are controlled by a trigger-style wired controller, and lighter, less powerful two and four-wheel drive street versions are also available with a maximum range of 21 miles, although the company notes that the Gnarboard may not be street legal in all cities and states and is technically sold for use only on private property.

With prices ranging from $4,800 to $6,100 for the Trail Rider, you’ll probably want a big piece of property to get your money’s worth.