Nissan unveils new London Black Cab

The U.K. stole one from the USA, but not at the Olympic Games.

Nissan has announced that a version of the “Taxi of Tomorrow” heading to New York City’s streets next year will also be joining London’s fleet of black cabs.

The NV200 London Taxi will be offered as an alternative to the classic LTI FX4 “Fairway” black cab, which is as synonymous with London what the Ford Crown Victoria or Checker Taxi is to NYC.

Unlike its yellow, stateside counterpart the NV200 London Taxi will be powered by a diesel engine that could save operators an average of $1,000 per year on fuel costs compared to the FX4, and electric versions will also be tested.

While it does without some of the electronic goodies available to passengers in the NYC version, Londoners will be able to enjoy the view of the The Shard, Europe’s tallest building, out of the Nissan’s panoramic all-glass roof. A sliding bench and rear facing jump seat also maximize passenger and cargo carrying flexibility, while an available folding ramp offers wheelchair accessibility through its sliding passenger doors.

After winning the 10-year contract to be the exclusive supplier of taxis to New York City the company says other cities, including several in Japan, have been interested in jumping on the bandwagon.

Apparently if you can make it there you really can make it anywhere, just don't forget the tip.