NASCAR bans drivers, staff from gambling on sport

NASCAR drivers may take risks behind the wheel, but they won’t be able to gamble on races according to the sport’s new rules.

The series has issued regulations banning drivers, team members and staff from placing wagers on pretty much anything related to it, including races, potential driver signings and the locations of new events. They’re also not allowed to share confidential information with third parties involved in gaming.

Penalties include fines of $150,000-$200,000 per violation, to suspension and permanent termination from NASCAR activity.


On-site gaming first came to NASCAR during last year’s race in Dover, Del., where nearly 3,000 fans placed bets after a Supreme Court decision struck down a rule banning sports betting everywhere except Nevada.

The new NASCAR rules do allow its members to engage in fantasy sports, with a prize limit of $250.

The Associated Press contributed to this report