MINI Superleggera Vision is a vision of beauty

MINI is an iconic British brand that's owned by Germans, but did you ever wonder what would happen if it were run by Italians?

Well, someone did, so the company teamed up with Italian coachbuilding house Touring Superleggera to create a pretty little barchetta called the Superleggera Vision.

With its long hood, chopped windscreen and dorsal fin, the look is retrofuturistic.

The interior is equally stripped down, but features MINI's signature steering column-mounted speedometer and circular control screen in the center of the dash.

Union Jack Easter eggs can be found on the door panels and rear tail lamps, lest you forget it's not an Italian car.

In fact, while gorgeous, the little gem really doesn't say "MINI" at all, which isn't a problem, because it likely won't be going into production.

If it did, there may be a solution. BMW also owns the rights to the Triumph name, and this concept would make for a great 21st century Spitfire, or even a TR9.

But does it really matter what it's called? Just make it!