The Chevy Blazer has been benched.

Chevrolet removed the Mexican-made SUV from its outfield display at Comerica Park on Saturday ahead of the Detroit Tigers’ Thursday home opener.

The 2019 Blazer is Chevrolet's newest SUV.

The 2019 Blazer is Chevrolet's newest SUV. (Chevrolet)

The move came after UAW members voiced concerns about the choice of vehicle against the backdrop of recent U.S. plant closure announcements and upcoming contract talks, The Detroit Free Press reported.

General Motors spokesman Jim Cain told Fox 2 News “we just didn’t want to have any kind of distractions it’s not fair to the baseball fans people coming to the ballpark to enjoy a good time with their families.”

The all-new Blazer was replaced with a Michigan-made Chevrolet Traverse, which will sit across from a 2019 Silverado 1500 pickup that was built at its Fort Wayne, Ind., plant.

General Motors produces various Silverado models at two U.S. locations, as well as facilities in Mexico and Canada.

Cain added that, although the Blazer is assembled in Mexico, its production would “pump more than half a billion dollars into the U.S. manufacturing economy each year,” thanks to its U.S.-sourced parts content.