Loose Hood Panel Spurs Recall of Nearly 200K Hummers

NEW YORK - General Motors said Wednesday that it is recalling all Hummer H3s produced since the 2006 model year to fix a portion of the hood that can detach during driving.

The voluntary recall affects 164,190 Hummer H3s and H3Ts in the U.S. and 198,404 worldwide.

Hummer spokesman Nick Richards said a device on the hood called a hood louver can come loose and possibly detach while driving.

A louver is a panel located on the hood that allows air to enter the engine compartment and prevent overheating. It actually helped to cool the engine on older Hummer models but is decorative on the H3.

In a recall documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, GM said the tabs holding the louver could fracture, causing it to rattle against the hood and become loose. GM warned the louver could strike another vehicle if it came off while driving.

Richards says the repair involves applying an adhesive to refasten the louver to the hood. He says there have been two complaints of the problem in the U.S. and three in Japan. GM said that Japanese transportation officials notified the company of the potential problem in January.

GM plans to send a bulletin to dealers outlining the fix this week, followed by a letter to Hummer owners next week on the recall.

GM is in the process of shutting down Hummer after an attempt to sell the brand to a Chinese buyer fell through earlier this year.