Lexus unveils edgy LF-NX crossover concept

You know that Lexus RX that your neighbor drives, the one that looks like a jellybean?

Well, it’s got a crazy little sister on the way.

The Lexus LF-NX crossover concept unveiled today previews the automaker’s upcoming compact crossover.

Reportedly based on the Toyota Rav4, the LF-NX features a creased, edgy style that verges on automotive origami and could pass for a Lamborghini concept if not for its prominent take on Lexus’ trademark “spindle” grille.

Less surprising than its look is that it is a hybrid, although details on its drivetrain have not yet been revealed.

The cabin design is full of show car flair but has some elements that could show up on the production car, including a pad for the Remote Touch Interface that appears to replace the joystick used to control the infotainment system in Lexus cars today.

Touch-sensitive electrostatic switches oriented like sliders are mounted on the center console just below a high-positioned main display.

The LF-NX will make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10th, while a production version is expected to be launched next year.