Keanu Reeves' motorcycle company debuts first bike

Keanu Reeves is setting out on another excellent adventure.

The actor and motorcycle enthusiast has teamed up with bike builder Gard Hollinger to launch the Arch Motorcycle Company.

The Los Angeles-based outfit has started taking orders for its first ride, the KRGT-1.

Not just another custom rod, the big V-Twin features an all-original design built with handmade parts and powered by a unique 2032cc motor developed with S&S Cycle good for nearly 122 hp and 122 lb-ft of torque sent to the rear wheel through a 6-speed Baker Drivetrains transmission.

The motor breathes through a unique downdraft induction system that channels air from intakes next to the headlamps through the center of its twin fuel cells, which take 66 hours to produce from a 534-pound hunk of billet aluminum.

The bike itself weighs just 538 pounds, thanks in part to a set of carbon fiber wheels. LED lighting is featured front and rear, and the retro-futuristic bodywork would look right at home on the streets of Mega City.

You may need to cut a deal with the devil to buy one, however: The price is an eye-opening $78,000.

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