Journalist blows engine on $2 million Porsche replica, must pay for repairs

A hapless motorist is facing bankruptcy after he blew up a $2 million Porsche during a test drive, The Sun reports.

Mark Hales was at the wheel of a replica Porsche 917 owned by veteran Formula One ace David Piper, when he over-revved it causing the engine to explode.

Hales, 62, claims he made a gentleman's agreement with Piper that the 81-year-old would cover the cost of any mechanical damage caused during the session.

But the multi-millionaire denied making the deal, sued Hales for $76,000 in damages - and the High Court has ruled in his favor.

Hales, who writes for Octane and Auto Italia magazines, has been left with a bill of $76,000 to cover repairs to the car, plus $100,000 in legal costs.

Speaking after the ruling, the "devastated" journalist said: “I’ve sold everything to pay my lawyers and if he chooses to enforce the findings it is bankruptcy for me.”

But is there still hope for Hales? Read more at The Sun