James Bond's AMC Hornet from 'The Man with the Golden Gun' going up for auction

The only AMC Hornet that ever flew (at least on the big screen) should create quite the buzz when it hits the block at the Auctions America event in Auburn, Ind., that kicks off at the end of August.

The red 1974 hatchback is the very one seen in James Bond-franchise film “The Man With the Golden Gun” executing a barrel roll jump from one end of a busted and twisted wooden bridge across a river to the other.

The stunt was created by Jay Milligan, who was performing it in is traveling stunt show when he approached the Bond producers about including it in the film. They bought the rights, and brought Milligan to Thailand to recreate it on location.

It was one of the first stunts to be modeled on a computer, the tech side handled by engineering and research outfit Calspan Corporation. The car itself was heavily modified with a new suspension and a central driving position to help balance its weight distribution. Everything was designed so well that the got the shot in one take and the car emerged unscathed.

The six-cylinder engine still runs, and the car remains in its on screen condition. It was owned by Milligan until his death earlier this year and is being sold by his estate. Auctions America estimates that it will go for $250,000 to $350,000.

For AMC fans who don’t have the resources of Scaramanga, NADA Guides says the going price for a regular ’74 Hornet hatch is around $1,500.