Is the Eggasus electric vehicle the future of transporation?

If Perseus returned to Earth today, would he be driving this?

If so, he still wouldn’t need to wear a shirt because the Eggasus is a fully-enclosed “completely unique, quiet, futuristic personal transportation device” according to its Chico, California, creators.

Essentialy a three-wheel mobility scooter with something that looks like a cone of silence strapped to the top of it, the electric vehicle has a claimed top speed of 25 mph and a range of 50 miles per charge. Six of them will fit into a standard parking space.

Only one prototype currently exists, a so-called Grade A single passenger-version that has a cushy seat, iPad holder and can be pre-ordered for $5,000. Potential dealers can get “cheaper by the dozen” discount t on orders of 12 or more. A two-passenger Grade AA model will be hatched next year.

The startup automaker tells Inside Line that most of its initial customers have been from companies looking to use the Eggasus as a promotional vehicle.

It should definitely turn some heads, even Medusa’s.

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