Instagram model has her Lamborghini covered in 1.3 million Swarovski crystals

An Instagram model has had her £150,000 [$200,000]Lamborghini Huracan covered in more than million Swarovski crystals.

Daria Radionova's stunning supercar was given the ultimate makeover as an early Christmas present.

The job was completed by Swarovski pros at Vinceri with each crystal painstakingly placed on the red bodywork by hand.

(Vinceri UK)

In total, 1.3 million crystals were attached to every inch of the 200 mph Huracan with the work taking a month.

And Daria wasn't bothered about keeping it out of danger and locked up in a garage.

Instead the 23-year-old Russian student took the newly pimped Lambo for a spin down Oxford Street.

And fans couldn't get enough, bringing traffic to a standstill as fans snapped the incredible motor.

The capital's Christmas lights overhead and Selfridges' historic window decorations had to place second fiddle on this occasion.

Posting on Instagram, Daria said: "Huge THANKS to @vinceriuk for making my dream come true! It’s even better than I expected, no words to describe."

Daria is no stranger to diamond cars, though, having previously stunned followers with her crystal Mercedes CLS in 2014.

That incredible creation eventually sold for £154k.

But she did rescue her trademark "BA11 BYY" number plate that now features on the Lambo she bought in October - having also appeared on her pimped out velvet Bentley Continental GT.