INKAS Armored G63 AMG is a Tribute to dictatorial excess

There’s over the top, then there’s Over The Top, then there’s insanely over the top, and then there’s this: the INKAS armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG limousine that’s outfitted like a first-class luxury jet cabin wrapped in a bubble of steely protection.

With an 43” extension to the wheelbase to accommodate the royalty-grade furnishings, the INKAS G63 AMG limo offers beautiful leather, wood, and metal surfaces inside, plus full reclining seating, a refrigerator and bar area, and some high-tech security, too.

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Electroluminescent bulletproof glass protects the occupants, while exterior cameras surrounding the vehicle offer a commander’s view of the vehicle’s environs. A speed-vault pistol safe is built into the front panel of the cabin for last-ditch defense, too, although with armor plating that’s rated to protect against 7.62 mm and 308 Winchester levels of firepower (NIJ level 3 / CEN level B6), it may never be necessary.

Other features fitted to the INKAS G63 AMG limo include a computerized control system for the vehicle’s add-on systems controlled via an iPad Mini; LED lighting in the headliner with the ability to display a range of themes from “business mode” to “romantic”; and a special drawer designed just to hold a limited-edition Leonaro Da Vinci Montblanc pen.

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Hand-crafted by INKAS in its Toronto, Canada workshop, this armored G63 AMG limo sure puts the lie to the idea that all Canadians are polite, eh?