Icelander drives truck 1001 feet across water, sets record

It’s no miracle, but a 4X4 truck cruising across the water is still pretty impressive.

Iceland’s Gudbjørn Grimsson has set a world record for driving on water, hydroplaning his custom buggy across 1001 feet of the wet stuff.

Grimsson says that his literal off-road buggy is powered by a Nelson Racing 428 cubic inch Ford V8 that pumps 1640hp through its paddle tires. To stay afloat, he needed to maintain a speed of 54 mph.

The feat took place in May during a Formula Off Road  event -- an extreme driving competition that started in Iceland and takes place in locations that include mines and volcanoes.

Along with Jesus Lizard impressions, drivers also have to climb near vertical walls of rock and sand, along with other natural obstacles.

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    From the looks of the video, Grimsson could’ve kept on going. They’ll need to find a larger body of water for him next time.

    Can we suggest the Atlantic Ocean?

    Greenland’s not that far away.