Hyundai wants to open your RV to the outdoors with a patented design that combines a gullwing and a sliding door. It could make a camping trip a lot of fun.

From an engineering standpoint, the idea is fascinating. The gullwing (above) in Hyundai's patent application drawings runs from the front doors all the way to the rear, and it opens wide enough to expose the second and third rows, plus the cargo area. However, such a huge opening would never work if another vehicle were sitting too close because the gullwing needs so much room. In that case, occupants can use the sliding door (right) like a traditional minivan, which needs a much smaller area to deploy. This is the best of both worlds.

According to the Korean automaker's patent application, the camping market is growing, and it believes this idea would appeal to customers. "Camping has evolved from a level of just sleeping outdoors to include a step of taking a rest outdoors, and therefore, camping equipment has also continuously evolved," Hyundai states in the application.

In addition to the novel door design, it's interesting that Hyundai specifically imagines this on an RV. In the UK, a company converts Hyundai's i800 van into a camper. Perhaps the Korean automaker sees space to do something new in the segment with this patent. We hope the company shows a vehicle in North America with this door because we want to see the contraption at work in the real world.