Hundreds of Maseratis incinerated in port blaze, reports say

Hundreds of brand-new Maseratis and other vehicles were destroyed at a seaport in Italy this week when floodwaters acted as the catalyst that exploded the luxury cars’ batteries into a raging inferno, reports said.

Several hundred vehicles were being stored across two parking areas at a seaport in the northwestern Italian city of Savona, Liguria for transport to the Middle East, the Local Italy reported, citing local media.

A severe storm sent rising seawater gushing through the port, engulfing the vehicles. Reports said it was the salt from the seawater that triggered the explosions. The luxury sports cars were reportedly swallowed by flames in just seconds.

Trucks were among the other vehicles destroyed , the Daily Express reported. The port’s storage areas had turned into a mass graveyard of skeletal cars smoked ashen-gray by the blaze.

No one was reported injured in the early morning blaze, which required 14 teams of firefighters to subdue, the Local Italy reported.

Last week, another major fire tore through the port, destroying its Port Authority building, the Daily Express reported.

Savona, located in the Liguria region, is about 100 miles south of Milan.