How do I fix a ding in my windshield?

When small pebbles or hail hit your windshield at great speed, it could create a small ding or cracks that can stretch and ultimately cost you your entire windshield. Since replacing or repairing a windshield are both expensive, you want to detect and fix any dings early. Here is a guide to get you started.

Purchase a syringe and adhesive windshield repair kit
There are a variety of windshield repair kits on the market so you should explore your options and determine the right one for you. One of the best options is the syringe and adhesive windshield repair kit. To properly repair your windshield with this kit, you will also need a non-abrasive towel, a razor blade and rubbing alcohol.

Set up work area
Get a secure step stool or small ladder so you can reach over the hood of the car to the ding. This will be a necessary step for large SUVs or trucks. Phil Reed, editor at, recommends protecting the area of the car you're leaning against with a towel so you do not accidentally scratch the car.

Remove broken glass
Before you begin, you should carefully inspect the break and remove any broken glass that may still be stuck to the windshield.

Clean your windshield
Before you start fixing the ding, you will need to clean your windshield with glass cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive towel. You don't want any debris on the glass. Make sure your car is around--or slightly higher than--room temperature.

Apply adhesive strip
Peel off the film on one side of the adhesive strip and place it over the ding. Rub the top of the strip with a blunt object to ensure it's applied firmly. Peel off the film on the other side.

Add plastic adapter
Adjust the plastic adapter so it is upright and put it on the film. This will allow you to use the syringe. Reed said, "Make sure you understand the concept of sucking the resin out of the break (to clear air bubbles) and then forcing it back in with air pressure."

Use syringe
Remove the syringe. Connect it to the plastic adapter. Steady the body of the syringe with one hand. Pull the handle fully backward and hold it in this position for at least one minute.The adhesive should start traveling down toward the glass. Push the syringe handle forward again. Repeat this process. Pull and push the syringe handle around five to seven times.

Remove equipment
Remove the syringe, adapter and adhesive strip. Place some rubbing alcohol on your towel. Apply it around the ding but not on the ding. Use a razor blade to remove any adhesive sticking out from the ding.