Honda's teeeny-tiny RV

Have a short trip coming up? Honda may have just the thing for you. Its N-Truck/N-CAMP is one of the cutest RVs ever created, and so small that it's practically carry-on size.

The vehicle that does the towing is based on a Honda Kei car, a Japanese class of subcompact that’s required to be less than 11.2 feet long and restricted to 660 cc engines producing up to 63 hp in exchange for tax and insurance breaks. In this case it’s a Honda N-Box Slash, that’s had its rear roof and seats removed to turn it into a micro-pickup.

The trailer stands about the same height as the car, which is just over five feet-tall, but packs in a pair of green velour armchairs, a table, loft bed for two, magazine rack and – this might come in handy when you’re getting in – a shoehorn. Does it have shag carpeting? Of course it does.

Unfortunately for anyone thinking they might be able to camp in the parking lot at Yellowstone this summer, the N-Truck/N-CAMP will not be sold in the USA, or anywhere else. For now, it’s just a concept that’s making its debut at the Japan Camper Show this week.


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