High-Tech Fingerprint Scanner Replaces Keys for Automobiles

Tired of losing the keys to your bike? Well, now you can lose them altogether.

FIST Enterprises of Boca Raton, Florida, has developed a biometric security system that can be installed on a motorcycle, car or any vehicle, letting you start it up with the swipe of a finger.

BioSmartStart uses a small scanner that replaces the ignition key slot and can authorize up to 100 different fingerprints, which makes it suitable for commercial applications, such as use on construction equipment, and for vehicle owners with very large families. As of now, the system is only designed to work on the ignition, so you’ll still need a door key if you want to use it with a car, but a version that can also control vehicle access is in the works.

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The price for a kit costs $399 for motorcycles and $499 for cars, and FIST CEO Joseph Infante tells FoxNews.com that it can be installed by anyone capable of putting in an automotive alarm system. Sales are currently handled direct from the company, but BioSmartStart could be coming to a major electronics retailer soon.

Infante says that he is also in discussions with “one of the Big Three” automakers about offering it as a factory-installed feature.

The phrase “hand me the keys” may soon have a new meaning.

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