Hess toy trucks are leaving the station

A half-century-old holiday tradition has reached the end of the road.

2014 is the last year that Hess will be selling toy trucks at its stations, the Associated Press reports.

The oil company started offering miniature versions of its tankers in 1964, adding everything from racing cars to bulldozers emblazoned with the iconic green and white Hess logo in the years since.

The move comes after the regional oil giant announced that is getting out of the retail gas business and selling its 1,342 outlets to Marathon Petroleum.

Instead, Hess will focus its efforts the production side of the industry.

For many Northeasterners, a trip to a Hess station for a truck and a tankful has been at the top of their end of year to-do list, and the limited edition trucks have become highly sought-after collectibles.

But while this particular tradition will soon end, not all is lost.

Hess says it plans to continue selling the trucks via the internet in the coming years.

Perhaps you can plug your electric car into the same outlet as your computer for effect.