Here's how far you can drive once the fuel light comes on

Your fuel light is on, but you know your car better than it does.

Surely you can get another 5 miles out of it. Or 10. Or 50.

The more you drive your car, the more you learn how far you can push it. However, has crunched some numbers and calculated just how far various cars can go once the fuel light has gone on.

Now these numbers are by no means 100 percent precise and you should always be careful not to push it too far. Running out of gas on the highway is not only annoying, but can also be dangerous to yourselves and others around you. also emphasizes that driving even with just a low amount of fuel can damage your car and that the "distance to empty" gauges only offer rough approximations.

All that aside, the chart above shows how far you can go when the fuel light comes on in the 50 best-selling vehicles in the United States from 2015.

*N/A indicates that the fuel light comes on based off of the estimated miles remaining

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