Golf cart takes on 1,050-horsepower Corvette at the drag strip

“Busakarts” are becoming quite a popular sight at the drag strip.

Simply put, a BusaKart is a kart – in this case a golf cart – that is powered by a Hayabusa motorcycle engine.

Even then, this Busakart seen in action at the Green Cove Dragway in Florida only has 158 horsepower at the wheels, which seems like nothing in regard to it’s competitor: A 1,050-horsepower Z06 Corvette with a 441 cubic-inch LSX-based engine under the hood, fed by an F1-X ProCharger.

In the above video, $1,000 was on the line in a 1/8-mile heads-up drag race.

Hint for anyone who wants to place bets: We wouldn’t be sharing this if the Corvette won.

Watch the GoPro footage of the race below: