Gibbs introduces two-passenger Quadski XL amphibious ATV

It always helps to have backup when you’re on a super-secret amphibious mission, or just out having a good time.

For either situation, Gibbs Sports Amphibians has introduced the first two-passenger version of its Quadski land/water ATV.

Called the Quadski XL, the unique vehicle features a boat-like hull and retractable wheels that allow it to transition from dirt road driving to seafaring fun in about 5 seconds. It’s about one foot longer than the single-passenger model and gains about 100 pounds to tip the scales at 1,437 pounds – about twice that of a typical ATV.

A 140 hp four-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine sends power to either the rear wheels or Gibbs’ proprietary water-jets, propelling the Quadski XL to a top speed of 45 mph on land or water.

Pricing has not yet been announced, but the single-passenger Quadski sells for $40,000, and the Quadski XL goes on sale later this year.

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