Garage for Only Girls opens in France

A recent survey by found that women would rather go to the dentist than take their car to a repair shop. But what if you throw in a manicure?

That’s just one of the services available at the Only Girls garage near Paris, France, that’s staffed by two female mechanics and caters to a female clientele.

It’s the second business of its type to open in the country.

Along with offering massages while you wait, and a playroom for the kids, the girl grease monkeys go out their way to explain in detail to the customer everything that’s wrong their car,and exactly how they plan to fix it.

According to The Telegraph, patrons say they’re used to being blow off by male mechanics and appreciate the attention, which they feel adds a layer of trust to the transaction.

And with 40 reportedly satisfied customers in just the first month of business, the fact that the garage is owned by a man hasn’t seemed to make a difference.