Fugitive cow gets stuck in car dealership, wrecks the place

A runaway cow that escaped from a cattle market almost got away until she made a wrong turn into a car dealership.

Employees at Arnold Clark Stirling Mazda in Stirling, Scotland, were shocked when they saw the heifer hoof into their showroom.

The baffled bovine then went on a 20-second rampage among the Mazdas that caused $2,000 worth of damage to a MX-5 Miata and Mazda2 as it crashed through a sliding door and ran into the parking lot.

Sales manager, James Merrins, told SWNS that the encounter was one of the most "bizarre" days of his life.


"We were standing in the showroom then I saw one of my guys running towards us shouting 'cow cow cow'. Next thing you know the cow was in the showroom and it looked as calm as you like. But when the automatic doors shut behind it, it began to panic and that's when we all run for it into the offices because there was no way of stopping it.”

The cow was eventually caught and returned to the livestock dealer, who was apologetic and agreed to pay for the damages.

"They have said they will reimburse everything which is great and I even got a lovely bottle of whisky as an apology," Merrins said.