Forget whitewalls, Lexus has a car with all-white tires

Could white be the new black for tires?

That’s what color most of them were at the dawn of the motoring era, before B.F. Goodrich discovered that adding carbon black to his rubber formula made it stronger.

But everything old becomes new again, and now designer John Elliott has teamed up with Lexus to create a bright white set of kicks for its new UX crossover.


They feature a tread pattern inspired by the classic Nike Air Force 1 basketball sneaker that Elliott has also designed a version of, including dimples that look like air vents and the trademark circular patterns from its sole.


Unfortunately for those who only drive in hermetically sealed rooms, the tires are not for sale. They’re just part of a promotional project aimed at proving how cool the UX is.

But you can still get old-school white tires, as long as you drive an appropriately old-school car.


Among the many period-correct vintage offerings from specialty outfit Coker Tires are a set of slim Firestone smooth clinchers that look more like bicycle tires than anything you’ll find on a car today.