Ford putting new Mustang on top of Empire State Building

Ford is taking the all-new 2015 Mustang to the top…of the Empire State Building.

To celebrate the model’s 50th anniversary on April 17th, the automaker is recreating a stunt it pulled for the original Mustang’s debut in 1964: parking one the observation deck of New York’s iconic skyscraper.

But just like half a century ago, the building is too tall to haul the car up on a crane, its spire too wide to allow a helicopter close enough, and the elevators too small to fit a car on them.

At least in one piece.

So, as before, the Mustang’s engineers have taken on the task of cutting the Mustang into sections that can fit on the elevator cars, but easily be reassembled within the six-hour window available while the observation deck is closed to the public.

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    Last time around, with a much smaller car to deal with, the team managed to slice the convertible ‘Stang into just three sections plus the windshield, so the bar is set.

    The new car will be on display high above Manhattan April 16th-17th, coinciding with the start of the New York International Auto show. But exactly what version of the Mustang will be up there is still secret.

    Rumor has it that Ford will be unveiling a limited edition 50th Anniversary Mustang at the show with retro design features and white paint.

    The same color as the car that made the trip to the top 50 years ago.

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