Ford Fusion Energi rated at 100 mpg

Remember when you needed to ride a scooter to get 100 mpg?

The Ford Fusion Energy plug-in hybrid has earned an EPA fuel economy rating equivalent to 100 mpg combined, according to Ford.

The four-door sedan shares a powertrain with the company’s C-Max Energi crossover, which went on sale earlier this year also with a 100 mpg-e rating. The mpg-e measurement was developed to compare the efficiency of vehicles that use different types of energy.

In the case of the Fusion Energi, the vehicle has a four-cylinder internal combustion engine and an electric drive system that draws power from a battery pack that can be recharged from an electrical outlet. Ford says the Fusion Energy can travel up to 20 miles on battery power alone at speeds reaching 62 mph before switching into a more conventional hybrid drive mode for longer trips.

The 100 mpg-e rating compares favorably to its closest competitors, the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius Plug-in, which have ratings of 98 mpg-e and 95 mpg-e, respectively. But as Ford was recently reminded after several independent tests found its 47 mpg Fusion Hybrid falling short of its EPA rating in real world conditions, your mileage may vary.

The Fusion Energi is expected to hit dealers soon with a price of $39,495 and will be eligible for a $3,750 federal green energy tax credit, along with various state level incentives.