Ford announces Vignale label luxury brand

Ford has announced plans to launch a new luxury brand called Vignale.

More of a sub-brand of the mothership, the name will denote the highest trim level for the company’s vehicles sold in Europe.

The Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week featuring signature styling cues that include upgraded chrome trim, unique wheels and quilted leather upholstery that calls to mind that found in upscale brands like Bentley.

Mondeo is the name used for the popular Ford Fusion midsize model overseas.

Owners will also get a personalized experience, with specialized dealership representatives and service.

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    Since selling off its luxury Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover divisions, Ford has been expanding the high-end offerings of its core brands.

    There are no plans to bring Vignale to the United States, but Ford will be offering a similar Black Label program next year through its Lincoln division, which is not sold in Europe.

    The Vignale name was first used by an Italian coachbuilder back in the 1940’s, but came to be owned by Ford through various acquisitions.

    Although it has been applied to a few concept cars in recent years, it has essentially been dormant since 1974.

    Ford expects the brand to be in showrooms by 2015.