Fastest woman on two wheels has land speed record in her sights

Waldo Stakes has a dream.

The California contractor wants to set a new land speed record, currently 763 mph, with a rocket car he designed and is building in a workshop in the high desert outside of Los Angeles.

In fact, he doesn’t want break the record, but smash it. His car, he says, can potentially hit 2,000 mph.

But he doesn’t plan to be the one driving it when it does.

Instead, Waldo wants to put a woman behind the wheel and have a female claim the record for the first time in history. He’s talking to two F-18 pilots who are interested in the job, but they’d better hurry. There’s another lady speed demon out there who might just might beat them to the punch.

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    Leslie Porterfield currently holds the title of Fastest Woman on Two Wheels, setting an official mark of 232 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats back in 2008, and hitting a peak speed of 246 mph. She says it’s only the beginning. The tall, blonde motorcycle dealer from Dallas wants to be the fastest person on earth, period.

    “I have the bug,” Porterfield tells Fox Car Report. “I have no idea when I’ll be done, and I don’t know if I ever will be, because I just know that I can go faster.”

    She almost had the chance to go for the title last year, teaming up with the North American Eagle land speed record team that planned to have her pilot its Lockheed F-104 Starfighter-based car past 800 mph, but had to postpone its attempt.

    Leslie says she’s still ready and willing to go for it again, but would she be up for a shot at 2,000 mph if the opportunity presented itself?

    “I have to say that I’m crazy enough to say yes to that question.”

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